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Welcome! This Library Guide was created in Fall 2016 for the Wildlife Management course (FWLD 220) taught by Professors Berner and Quinn. The information on this page and the tabs above are intended to help students find and properly cite credible sources for their research assignments. Students without limited previous experience using the library's search engine and databases are also encouraged to visit the "Tutorials" Library Guide for additional research tips.

Independent Field Project

Written report guidelines:

Your paper should include what you did in the field, the methods that you used, problems you had, and references comparing your work to that cited in technical literature. Use the Journal of Wildlife Management  or the Wildlife Society Bulletin as models for style, subheadings, and literature citation format. Your subheadings may differ from those in the journals due to the unique nature of your project.

You must include at least eight references in your paper.  At least six of these references must be from scientific literature such as journals unless you have permission from the instructor to exclude them. Popular hunting magazines such as "Outdoor Life" are NOT technical literature and should not be significant sources of your information. Internet sources are also generally not used in technical papers and will not count toward your eight reference sources. When you cite authors, always keep their names in the same order that they are listed in the original publication. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.

All measurements should be reported using the metric system. This report will be graded for grammar, technical accuracy, completeness, and evidence of creativity and original thought. It must be word‑processed on a letter-quality printer, double‑spaced. Handwritten papers will be returned and must be redone. Spell‑check programs should be used. Papers with numerous spelling errors will be returned before they will be graded. Your final paper as well as all drafts should be written in the past tense.

If you hand in a draft of your final paper at least a week before it is due, I will review it for potential areas of improvement. This will almost guarantee an improvement in your grade. 

Reports that plagiarize literature will lead to expulsion from the class, as will any damage to library resources. These offenses may also lead to referral to the Campus Judicial Board. See handouts in your course guide for more complete instructions and guidelines.