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Honors Colloquium (Dead and Forgotten): Spring 2017: Digital Sources

Finding Articles

The main search box on the library's home page allows you to limit your search to a specific type of resource, e.g. books, articles, course reserve materials, etc.

If you're looking only for articles--including scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles--use the dropdown menu beside the main search box to select "Find Articles." (FYI: The "Find Journal Title" option will only help you see if we subscribe to a certain journal; it won't search for specific articles published in that journal.)

Dropdown menu of main search box

Enter a few important subject-related keywords in the search box and hit the "Search" button.

You can narrow your results even further on your search results screen. If you're only interested in articles from Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed journals, look for the "Limit To" box on the left side of the page and click the box that says "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals." Your results list will be updated to weed out non-scholarly sources.

Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals limiter


Databases & Links of Interest

Keyword Suggestions

Most search engines rely on the effective use of keywords to return relevant result. It's important to remember that different sources will use different terms for certain subjects; these terms will vary depending on the nature of the database or recorded document and the date or location the recorded document was created. Be sure to try using a range of synonymous and related terms during your search process--and plan on conducting multiple searches. Remember: doing a single search is not the same thing as doing research.

Consider these variations in terminology:

Potter's field

Pauper's grave

public burial ground

common grave

unmarked grave








poor farm


benevolent asylum




psychiatric hospital

state hospital