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ANSC 221: Equine/Companion Animal Nutrition: Home


This guide was created in Spring 2017 (and updated in Spring 2022) for students enrolled in Professor Dunn's ANSC 221 course. The tabs on this page will help you find books and articles, properly cite your sources, and get additional research help from a librarian.

ANSC 221 Research Assignments

This guide focuses on finding the research sources required to complete two assignments: the Vitamin Assignment and the Companion Animal Project. (Refer to the assignment instructions provided by your professor for more specific details on these assignments.)

The Vitamin Assignment requires you to find a scientific research article (not a case study or review article) published after 2015 that contains an abstract, materials and methods, and results and discussion sections.

The ANSC 221 Companion Animal Project requires you to find a variety of sources (4 minimum) related to a specific animal and should cover the following: the type of digestive system, nutrient requirements, nutritional management, diet, and any other unique, special concerns or care related to the feeding of the animal.

You can find appropriate sources for both of these assignments by using the main search box on the library's home page.

main search box