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This LibraryGuide was created in Spring 2020 for students enrolled in the lab sections of BIOL 112 taught by Professor Ben Wilhelm. The information found in the tabs above is intended to assist students in doing research as part of the final research paper assignment.

Research Paper Assignment

The final research assignment in the BIOL 112x lab sessions is a short research paper focused on an organism chosen by the student and approved by the instructor. The project will be worth a total of 10% of your course grade, divided into two components: the library research portion of the assignment and the research paper itself.

The Library Research component will require you to find three sources about the selected species and will include reference list and in-text citations of the source, and a summary of the information and/or research question addressed in your selected sources. The Research Paper portion of the assignment will include additional information about your selected organism including the scientific and common names of the organism, its classification, a description of the species, a discussion of the habitat of the organism, and other details about your organism's niche. You will also include a description of the research on the organism covered in the research articles you found and a complete list of citations.

A copy of the complete assignment instructions can be downloaded from the link below: