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ENGL 111 - Fundamentals of Speech Communications: Home


This guide was created in Fall 2016 for students in the Fundamentals of Speech Communication course taught by Professor Aucoin. The tabs above offer guidance on finding, evaluating, and citing sources to be used in the informative and argumentative speeches required as part of the course.

Where to Search

The best place to start searching is usually the main search box on the library's homepage.

main search box

The main search box provides access to books, periodicals, scholarly (peer reviewed) academic journal articles, ebooks, media, and credible online resources--all with one simple search. Entering a few keywords in this box will automatically search over 60 separate databases, each of which includes material from literally thousands of different sources.

There are a few special databases, though, that are particularly helpful to students in 100-level English classes. These databases are online collections of the types of credible materials that most professors want students to use in their academic research assignments, papers, and speeches.