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ENVR 401: Alternative Energy Technologies: Home


This Library Guide was created in Spring 2018 for students in Professor Rynk's Alternative Energy Technology (ENVR 401) course. The tabs above provide helpful search tips and links to the types of credible information sources you'll need to complete your projects and labs.

Course Project

The course project includes both a lecture and lab presentation related to your chosen alternative energy technologies.

The content of your lecture should address the following sub-topics.

  • History of the technology and its use
  • How the technology works
  • Small scale versus large scale applications
  • The physics of the technology (generally, it does not need to be too technical)
  • Performance and economics
  • Practicality of the technology
  • Drawbacks and limitations
  • The potential to be widely adopted and solve societal problems

In addition to your textbook, "you should consult at least a half-dozen good references. One of the project requirements is that you keep and submit a list of references that you use for the project. You be required to explain how you used each reference, or what you gathered from it, and then rate each reference according to its authority, credibility and usefulness."