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HIST 350 - History U.S. Foreign Relations: Home


This guide is a resource for students in Dr Rivera's class: History U.S. Foreign Relations - HIST 350. The tabs at the top of this page will guide you through navigating the freely available government documents that will be helpful in your research.

U.S. Government Documents

The United States government is the largest information producer in the world. Much of what is produced is freely available to you. The Government Printing Office (GPO) is responsible for producing print copies of government publications and distributing them to selected libraries through the Federal Depository Library Program. Now, much of what was formerly printed is also available to you via the internet and government websites.  These sites can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, but practice will make it much easier. 

This guide focuses on the resources specifically needed for your course. However, information produced by federal agencies and issued through the Government Printing Office offers a wealth of information on numerous topics from Science and Technology, to Congressional Hearings and Regulatory information. Watch the video below to find out more about the GPO and government documents.

Van Wagenen Library

Get help with searching and finding government documents in person or via instant messaging, e-mail, text, and phone. Go to Getting Help for more information.

Citing Government Documents

These sites will help you cite your government document sources.