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This guide was originally created in Spring 2018 for students in Professor Cash's Plant Propagation (ORHT 356) class. The tabs above offer research tips and information about relevant, helpful sources.

Plant Propagation Paper

For the project and literature review assignment for ORHT 356, pairs of students will work together on a topic chosen from the list provided by the instructor. Students will research the topic, develop a 15 minute class presentation, prepare a demonstration as part of the presentation, and provide a handout summarizing the topic.

The annotated bibliography assignment will provide 180-250 word annotations that are descriptive and evaluative. Details about the annotations:

  • an overview of the topic

  • specifics about the topic

  • Minimum of 6 citations and maximum of 10 citations

  • Correct grammar

  • Copies of 3 sources with significant information highlighted in yellow

  • Minimum:  1 Book, 1 scholarly journal, and 1 generalist publication

For additional details, see the assignment instructions distributed by the instructor.