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Student Research Showcase: 2015 Posters


Alternate Day Feeding: An Effective Strategy for Producing Brook Trout Stockers
Stephen Stowell, Brent C. Lehman & Dr. John R. Foster


Behavior Patterns of Does in Colony Pens vs Individual Cages Pre-, During, and Post Pregnancy
Raven Nowell


Constructed Naturalistic Streams: An Effective Means of Treating Hatchery Effluent
Dakota Raab, Justin C. Campbell, John Kelso, Brent C. Lehman & John R. Foster


Development and Identification of Soybean Plants with an Increased Tolerance to Osmotic Stress
Amanda Rhodes & Emily Norton


Does PG600 Adequately Influence Gilts Estrus in Winter Raised Crossbreed Females on a 17% Protein, 1.1% Lysine, and 1.4 Mcal/lb Digestible Energy Diet?
Brittany Fairchild


Early Childhood Content Areas in the Outdoor Environment
Samantha Bliss


Effect of Dam Dominance on Kid Growth in Boer-Bred Spring Kidding Does
Betg Rawlings


Effects of Supplemental Probiotics and Prebiotics on Growth and Carcass Quality of Meat Rabbits
Emily Leemans


Effects of Target Training and Enrichment on Swine Behavior
Raven Worthing & Brienna Hughes


Examining α-actinin and FHOD-1 in Body Wall Muscle of C. elegans
Erin Wadsworth


Flood Damage + Human Activity = Water at Risk: Line Creek, Middleburgh, New York
Melissa Miller


Food and Growth of Young-of-the-year Paddlefish in New York State Ponds
Shawna Mitchell


For the Love of Riley: The effects of Pet Care Curriculum on Children’s Empathy and Self-Regulation
Shane Caroppoli


Generating a Novel Soybean (Glycine max) Cultivar with Resistance to Nematode Infection and High Performance in Adverse Conditions by Overexpressing Cysteine Protease Inhibitor 1
Thien Luu & Timothy DeMarsh


Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)
Jennifer Coleman


Habitat Utilization and Movements of Rainbow Trout in First Order Streams
Jeffrey Brown


Inducing RNAi of dpy-11 and bli-1 Genes in C. elegans
Siyuan Yang, Yunru Jiang & Jinming Guan


Literacy is the Heart of the Classroom
Danya Frith


Memory in Goldfish
Emily Edwards


Raising Rabbits: Pen vs. Cage
Karina Acevedo


Read Aloud 15 Minutes National Campaign Promotes Literacy Development: Third Year of Decade-Long Research Study.
Marlena Meyer & Kathleen Puciato


Relationships Among Stress, Depression, Personality, and Age: Preliminary Findings
Cassandra Cox, Melissa Collins, Dr. Amy Corbett & Dr. Sophie Winter


Schoharie County Streams: a Long Road to Recovery?
Dakota Raab. Eric W. Malone, Benjamin P. German, Mark D. Cornwell & Dr. John R. Foster


The Effect of Auditory Stimuli and Environmental Stimuli on Coturnix Quails and Chickens
Kevin Pena


The Effects of Increased Environmental Complexity in Broiler Housing Systems on Leg Strength and Leg Abnormalities
Mackenah Simmons


The Efficacy of the Draminski Estrous Detector
Rabecka Braman


The Importance of Ribonuclease P
Angela Zhu


The Improvement of Coffee Beans to Simulate Kopi Luwak
Sophie LaRochelle & Honglin Ouyang


The Restoration of the Gilt Darter to New York’s Allegheny River Watershed
Shawna Mitchell


Transformation of Soy (Glycine max) for Heightened Expression of the SIZ1 Gene
Timothy DeMarsh, Thien Luu & Dr. Peiyu Zeng


Ultrasonographic Detection of Lung Disease in Calves
Holly Galusha


Virkon® Aquatic is an Ineffective Disinfectant Against Zebra Mussels
Jason Gagnon