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Quiet & Cell Phone Policies: Home

Reasonable Quiet

This policy recognizes Library patrons’ needs for different types of study spaces. 

  • On the 2nd floor of the Van Wagenen Library three (3) locked group study rooms have been designated.  Reserve these spaces at the Circulation Desk as the need arises.
  • Students on the second floor are expected to speak in soft tones, especially on the staircase.
  • The 1st floor of the Library is occupied by Circulation, Periodicals, and Reference.  This area is a reading space and reasonable quiet is expected in this area.
  • Individuals conversing in the Lobby or returning to the main floor from the lower level are expected to speak in soft tones.
  • Building personnel may intervene to request that individuals or groups lower the volume of their conversation.
  • Failure to heed requests for quiet from Library staff may result in the University Police Department (UPD) being called to remove the offender/s.

Cell Phones

The Van Wagenen Library faculty and staff are aware of the need to carry cell phones.  However, ringing cell phones and personal phone conversations are distracting, disturbing, and disruptive. This Library’s policy requires that:

  • Cell phone users respect those who are at work studying and researching.
  • Library patrons should make all cell phone calls from the Lobby if reasonable quiet cannot be maintained.  Library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to move immediately to the Lobby to take a call.
  • Library patrons should use the vibrate function (turn off ringer) as the alert for incoming calls.  Patrons who do not have a vibrate function should turn the audible signal to its lowest volume.