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Library Displays: Poetry on Record

Displays in the Library

Interactive Posters

Keep an eye out for Poetry on Record posters with QR codes - you can hear a sample from the poems on that album!

Find Recorded Poetry

Like what you hear?

Try this link for more recorded poetry available in the library:

Don't have a record player?

We have two available in the media room at the library.  One requires headphone adapters - ask at the Circulation Desk.

Poetry Samples

About Recorded Poetry in the Library

The Library has a substantial collection of LP records.  This collection includes a wide variety of music, from classical to rock, but it also includes a large selection of spoken word recordings.

These spoken word recordings include both dramatic performances, such as plays by Shakespeare, and a collection of poetry, much of it recorded by the authors themselves.

If you've never really connected to poetry on the page, give the recordings a try!