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Library Displays: 2019/2020 Displays

Displays in the Library

National Poetry Month

Banned Books Week

Learn more about books that have been challenged and banned.

Censorship Leaves Us In The Dark Keep the Light On

Celebration & Remembrance

  • September 15-October 15 - Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October - Disability Awareness Month
  • November - Native American Heritage Month
  • December - AIDS Awareness
  • February - Black History Month
  • March - Women's History Month
  • April - National Poetry Month
  • May - Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
  • June - Pride Month

Genre Highlights

From the main collection...

  • August: Self-help
  • September: YA Literature
  • October: Horror
  • November: Cooking
  • December: History/Historical Fiction
  • January: Cozy Mysteries
  • January: Wellness
  • February: Romance
  • March: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • April: Thrillers
  • May: Mysteries