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This guide was created in Fall 2017 for students in the ANSC 400 course and was last updated in Fall 2022. The tabs above provide guidance and resources for students working on the Reproductive Diseases and Disorders research poster and presentation assignment.

Reproductive Disorders and Diseases Assignment

For the Reproductive Disorders and Diseases assignment, students need to research a disease or disorder affecting the animal chosen. The assignment has a number of component parts, each with separate deadlines as listed on the assignment instructions. Students will need to access a minimum of FIVE and a maximum of FIFTEEN references and provide annotations and APA style citations for them. The research sources should provide information about the following topics:

  • name of the disease/disorder
  • description of the disease/disorder
  • history of the disease/disorder
  • cause of the disease/disorder
  • treatment of the disease/disorder
  • avoidance of the disease/disorder
  • images

Search Basics

The search box on the library's main page allows users to search for books, DVDs, videos, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles and more from one search box. If you're trying to access a book or article you already know about, you can enter the title or author's name here. If you're looking to find material about a specific topic, try entering two or three keywords that are likely to appear in discussions of that topic.

Main search box on library's home page

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words you use to search for anything online and they determine how successful your search is. If you're researching the links between poverty and obesity in children, for instance, the most important keywords would be: poverty, obesity, children. Database searches usually work better when you only enter 2-4 essential keywords than when you enter a complete sentence or question.

Here a couple of common problems you may run into and ways to fix them using keywords:

I'm getting too many results!

  • use keywords that are more specific (not as general)
  • add additional keywords to your search
I'm getting too few results!
  • ‚Äčuse keywords that are less specific (more general)
  • remove keywords from your search
These results are not what I'm looking for!
  • try different combinations of keywords
  • think of synonyms for your keywords










How do I Refine my Search Results?

From your list of results, use the "Refine Your Results" panel to narrow your search by publication date, source type, publisher, language and more. 

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