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ACCT 401 - Fraud Examination : Find Articles

Resources for students completing fraud cases research paper.

Business Databases

A database is an online collection of articles that you can search by topic or keyword.  Databases are great sources for articles because much of the material in library databases is the high quality, scholarly research material  that most professors want.  Most of our databases offer links to the full text of articles. 

General Databases

These databases, while not solely focused on business, still contain scholarly articles on the topic. They may also have newspaper and magazine articles related to business or accounting.

Search Terms

Enter 2-4 search terms into your database of choice. Connect your search terms with "and" to get the best results.



Fraud investigation

Fraud prevention

Forensic accounting


Accounting Fraud

Business Fraud


Corrupt Practices


Fraud Prevention

Fraud Investigation

Misleading Financial Statements

White Collar Crime Investigation

White Collar Crimes



These journals are dedicated to forensic accounting and may have some relevant articles. You might also want to browse the Accounting journals listed under the Business & Management category on this list of subscription content.