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CHEM 216X - Water Quality: Home


This guide is a resource for students researching water quality and chemistry for their CHEM 216X Lab.

To gather the needed information you will need to:

1. Receive the name and GPS coordinates for your body of water in the Hudson River Watershed.

2. Research historical water quality and chemistry of your body of water.

3. Sample current water quality and chemistry of your body of water.

4. Investigate polluters to your body of water and limits allowed for those polluters.



Getting Started

The tabs at the top of this page will guide you through resources at Van Wagenen Library and online that will be helpful in your research. You may also want to look at the Y drive for Dr. Brabetz and Dr. Cornwell - they have student reports for the past several years.

Additional resouces mentioned by Professor Brabetz in lab:

  • Municipalities have annual reports. You can find some of them online, or try contacting them for data.
  • Talk to the Department of Transportation supervisor - about salt use on the roads.
  • CERM 
  • Mohawk Watershed Consortium
  • Soil and Water Conservation Department

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