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ENGL 101 - Composition I: Find Books

Find Books

How Do I Search for Books?

You can search for books using the main search box on the library's home page . Enter a title, author, or subject keywords, then limit your search results to "Books" in the Source Type box on the left side of the page.

Find Books

How do I Find a Book in the Library?

Once you have found a book you're interested in, note the call number and location. The Location field tells you where the item is located in the library. The call number is a unique identifier for the book that can be found on the book spine. These two pieces of information allow you to locate the book on the shelf. 


InterLibrary Loan

If our library does not have the materials you need for this assignment, we can loan them from you from other libraries through the interlibrary loan process. With articles, we can usually email the full-text to you within 24-48 hours!

Searching Other Libraries

It's possible that you may need to loan books from other libraries for your assignment. You can do that through a process called interlibrary loan!

Try looking in some of these places to find books you need for your assignment: