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This guide was created in Fall 2017 for students in the sections of PSYC 360 taught by Professor Amy Corbett. The tabs on this page offer tips on basic and advanced searching for credible articles and guidance on how to properly cite sources in the APA format.

Finding Articles

If you're looking only for articles--including scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles--use the dropdown menu beside the main search box to select "Articles."

choose articles in dropdown menu

Enter a few important subject-related keywords in the search box and hit the "Search" button.

You can narrow your results even further on your search results screen. If you're only interested in articles from Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed journals, look for the "Limit To" panel and click the box that says "Scholarly Sources." Your results list will be updated to weed out non-scholarly sources.

check the Scholarly Sources icon in the Limit To panel