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FWLD 125: Wildlife Techniques: Home


Welcome! This Library Guide was created in Spring 2017 for the Wildlife Techniques course (FWLD 125) taught by Professor Masse. The information on this page and the tabs above are intended to help students find and properly cite credible sources for their research assignments. Students without limited previous experience using the library's search engine and databases are also encouraged to visit the "Tutorials" Library Guide for additional research tips.

Independent Field Project

Written report guidelines:

All students will be required to work on a field project related to wildlife. Wildlife technicians are frequently called upon to conduct surveys or build field equipment with little supervision or no plans for how the project should be carried out. This project should help students learn how to independently collect data or solve problems in the field. It is NOT designed to be merely a library report, but should involve collecting your own field data, analyzing other local data already available, building an object, or developing a public relations display or program. You should spend a minimum of 10 hours of hands-on work not including the library research or writing. At the end of the semester a word-processed final report will describe what you accomplished and any problems you had with the project. Results will be reported to your lab in the form of an oral PowerPoint presentation.

For more detailed information and requirements, see the Field Project Instructions provided in the PDF document below.