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CHEM 232: Organic Chemistry II: Home


This LibraryGuide was created In Spring 2023 for students enrolled in CHEM 232, Organic Chemistry II. The information found in the tabs above is intended to assist students working on their research paper assignment.

Research Paper Assignment

Parts of the Research Paper Assignment:

  1. Three journal articles & where you found them.
  2. How you used those articles to narrow your topic.
  3. The keywords you used to search/find resources.
  4. Which databases/indexes you've used to date.
  5. Three more journal articles that gave you more specific information on your topic.
  6. Information you need to learn as background in order to understand your topic.
  7. The compound you will be synthesizing & where you found the information.
  8. Pertinent reactions you already know & ones you need to learn.
  9. The reasons for your interest in/passion for the topic.

Please see the assignment sheet for details.