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Students' Library Advisory Board: About

Is this something new?

Pretty much. Planning for the Advisory Board started in Fall 2023 with the intent to have its first real meeting in Spring 2024.

What is the Students' Library Advisory Board?

The Students' Library Advisory Board includes students from all majors and represents our wonderfully diverse campus community. Every status of student is welcome!

The  group's mission is to give students an active voice on library-related issues and to facilitate communication between students and library staff. The board advises the library on important issues related to the library's spaces, services, resources, and events with a shared goal of supporting the success of all SUNY Cobleskill students.

This is a voluntary, unpaid gig. The main benefit is having a chance to help the library better serve your needs. And the experience is a great addition to your professional resume!

Board members generally meet twice each semester to exchange ideas, share feedback, and propose changes to library operations. The group also stays in contact via email between meetings. Membership is composed of the Library Director, representatives from library staff, and approximately a dozen students representing a variety of perspectives and needs. Terms of service may vary for student members, but it is preferred for students to serve for at least 2 years. Staff representatives may change from meeting to meeting depending on the topics to be discussed.

How do I get involved?

Typically, new board members are named early in the Fall semester. If you'd like to be one of them, please fill out this brief form.

For questions about the Students' Library Advisory Board, contact April Davies.