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ANSC 150: Intro to Dairy Cattle Management: Find Articles

Finding Articles From the Library Search

If you're looking only for articles--including scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles--use the dropdown menu beside the main search box to select "Articles."

choose articles in dropdown menu

Enter a few important subject-related keywords in the search box and hit the "Search" button.

Use Operators and Key Words

Key words are concrete specific words that tell the library search what you need. Unlike searching on Google, you can't type a full sentence. Select just the important words. 

Connect those words with operators.

  • AND - Narrows search results by filtering for results that only contain both terms
    • EX: Bovine Brucellosis AND control
  • OR - Broadens search by retrieving results with either search term 
    • EX: Cow OR Cattle OR Bovine
  • NOT - Narrows search by excluding results that contain certain terms
    • EX: Brucellosis NOT human

Sources on the Web

Specialized Databases