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CHEM 216 - Water Chemistry: Home

Welcome to Chem 216

NYS Rivers MapThis guide is a resource for students in CHEM 216 searching for information about regulated pollutants in water and wastershed-specific findings.


Using this guide, students should be able to:                         

1. Determine class of waterway

2. Determine USGS HUC-12 code of waterway

3. Determine the location of any SPDES Permits or superfund sites on waterway

4. Determine if any regional, state-wide, or federal documents contain water chemistry or water quality data      

Getting Started

The tabs at the top of this page will guide you through resources at Van Wagenen Library and online that will be helpful in your research. You may also want to look at the Academic Shares drive for Prof. Brabetz and Prof. Cornwell - they have student reports for the past several years.


Additional resources mentioned by Professor Brabetz in lab:

  • Municipalities have annual reports. You can find some of them online, or try contacting them for data.
  • Talk to the Department of Transportation supervisor - about salt use on the roads.
  • CERM 
  • Mohawk Watershed Consortium
  • Soil and Water Conservation Department

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