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ORHT 377: Integrated Pest Management: Databases

A guide for students in the ORHT 377 course working on the pest profile assignment

Search Tip!

The best place to begin your search for credible information sources is the search box on the library's home page. This simple, powerful discovery tool will help you find physical items in our library (e.g. books, DVDs, reference materials) and valuable content from scholarly journals, trade publications, popular magazines, and newspapers.

big search box on the library's home pageUsing the library's search box allows you to search multiple databases and thousands of journals all at once. But if for some reason you need to search just one database or one journal at a time, the links below can help you do that.

Agricultural Databases

A database is an online collection of articles that you can search by topic or keyword.  Databases are great sources for articles because much of the material in library databases is the high quality, scholarly research material  that most professors want.  Most of our databases offer links to the full text of articles. 

All of the databases listed on this page are also available through the Van Wagenen Library website.

Open Web Sources

Possible Search Terms

Enter 2-4 search terms into your database of choice. Connect your search terms with "AND" to get the best results.


General search terms:

"plant pathology"

"disease control"

"pest control"

"control methods"

"plant disease"

"agricultural disease"

"crop disease"


Specific search terms:

Name of specific disease

Name of specific control method

Name of specific crop



Need Help Searching?

Check out our Research Help guide for tips on searching the databases.