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Copyright Law & The Library: Restrictions

Changes in Media Format

The Library will not change the format of audio-visual software without written permission of the copyright holder.  This applies even if the desired format is not commercially available.

Examples:  We will not make the following changes:

  • Filmstrips to slides
  • Films to video tapes
  • Records to tapes
  • Printed script to audio tape

Interlibrary Loan

The Library adheres to the guidelines developed by the National Commission on New Technological uses of Copyrighted Works (CONTU Guidelines.)  In part, these Guidelines provide that for any given copyrighted periodical title, filled requests within any calendar year may not exceed six or more copies of an article or articles published in such periodical within five years prior to the request.

Unrestricted Copying

  • Writings and other materials that have never been copyrighted may be copied without restriction.
  • Published works with expired copyright may be copied.  Any work published before 1906 also falls into this category.
  • U.S. Government Publications carry no restrictions.

Responsibility for Infringement

  • The Library staff will not knowingly violate the copyright law or assist patrons doing so.
  • Patrons may be held liable for use of Library equipment to violate the copyright law.  This may involve civil and/or criminal liability.

Obtaining Permission

To go beyond the limitations discussed in the preceding sections, you must obtain written permission from the publisher.