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PSYC 250: Research Methods: Home


This guide was created in Spring 2017 (and last revised in Spring 2022) for students in the PSYC 250 course taught by Professor Corbett. The tabs on this guide offer tips on basic and advanced searching and guidance on how to properly cite sources in the APA format.

Research Proposal Assignment

A complete description of the requirements for this assignment has been provided by Dr. Corbett and it includes this summary:

"Write a research proposal that includes a review of the current understanding (theory and research) on the topic, a clearly stated, measurable and testable hypothesis, a description of the experimental or observational methods you would use to test your hypothesis, a description of proposed data analysis / results, and a discussion of how your research will contribute to the subfield it is drawn from."

For this assignment you will need to find a minimum of 12 scholarly sources, which are to be cited using the APA citation style.