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This guide is intended to help with advanced Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Science research. It was last updated in Spring 2024. The tabs on this page provide access to information intended to help with the research paper assigned in that course.

Source Types and Source Evaluation Activity

Take a look at the sources below and see what you can find out about (1) the platform where they were published and their publishing practices, and (2) the Journal and the journal's reputation.

Tips for Evaluating Online Journals

When encountering journal articles online, investigate: 

  1. What can you determine about the reputation of the journal or the platform where the article is published? 
  2. Is the article peer reviewed? How long does it take on average for an article to move from submission to publication at this journal?
  3. Is this journal indexed by libraries or the Directory of Open Access Journals?

Photograph of native brook trout NYS

NYS DEC. (2013). Horn Lake Strain Native Brook Trout. Flickr.