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Tutorials: Advanced Library Skills

A curated collection of videos and interactive tutorials intended to help patrons better navigate the library and all its resources.

Library Skills Toolkit

Librarians at academic institutions around the world have created hundreds of hours of content intended to help students develop and strengthen basic library and research skills. This toolkit is a carefully-curated collection of interactive tutorials and instructional videos that faculty may use as in-class activities or assign to be completed outside of class time. Likewise, students may consult these materials as reference sources to brush up basic skills or learn new approaches to finding and using information. Most of these materials were developed by librarians at institutions other than SUNY Cobleskill; while they sometimes reference the libraries at other institutions, the bulk of the content covered is applicable to students doing library research and academic writing at any institution.

The majority of links provided here connect users to content offered under Creative Commons licenses. Faculty members interested in embedding this content directly into a Moodle page (rather than merely linking to the original material) are encouraged to carefully follow Creative Commons guidelines for use and attribution.

Advanced Keyword Searching

Literature Reviews

This tutorial--created by North Carolina State University Libraries and shared via a Creative Commons license--provides a detailed overview of what is meant by "the Literature," different varieties of literature reviews, and the steps involved in completing one. Though the title of the video refers to graduate students, the content is also valuable to undergraduates working on literature reviews.

Using a Specialized Thesaurus

This video produced by the American Psychological Association shows how choosing keywords in a specialized thesaurus can improve your search results.