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BADM 131: Principles of Business: Home


This guide was created in Fall 2017 for students conducting research for assignments in Professor Ferguson's Principles of Business (BADM 131) course. It was last updated in 2022.

Research Assignments

The Focus Analysis Paper required in BADM 131 requires research into the educational requirements and expected starting salaries for new college graduates in business careers. Look for your instructions on completing Focus Analysis in Brightspace. You will start with a module from Career Development. 

The Current Topic Article assignment requires you to access articles related to the weekly course topic. The articles must be from reputable sources, which could include newspapers, popular magazines, trade publications, or scholarly journals.

Each of these assignments will require you to provide proper citations for the sources you use.

The tabs at the top of this page will guide you through resources at Van Wagenen Library and online that will be helpful in your research.