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FREN 102: Beginning French II: FREN 102


Franophone Country FlagsThis LibraryGuide was created in Spring 2018 for students in the FREN 102 course taught by Professor Hantho. The resources on this guide are intended to provide help finding credible sources for the Travel Log final project. Visit the other tabs on this guide for additional information.

Travel Log Project

The final project requires you to find a variety of types of information as you prepare your fictional travel diary. These include:

  • Important facts about the region or country, including geography and population,
  • a discussion of places you visited, including one place of historical significance,
  • descriptions of culture and family life,
  • and discussions of the food you ate, where you stayed, and how you traveled.

You need to include a Works Cited list with at least three sources, which shouldn't all be websites.

The "Find Sources" tab on this LibraryGuide offers recommendations of helpful sources.

Finding Books


choose Physical Materials from dropdown menu beside search box


Enter two or three keywords in the search box. You may need to try different combinations of words to find exactly what you're looking for. To limit your search to books, check the box next to "Books/eBooks" in the "Material Type" panel. 

choose Books/eBooks in Material type panel


Once you've found a book you're interested in, write down the "call number" provided. This is the address where that books lives on the shelves.

Call Number listed in a book record


Look for the signs on the ends of the rows to help you find the shelf that has your book.

Library shelf guide signscall number on book spine

Books about similar subjects are grouped together on the shelves, so take a look at the books beside the one you were initially interested. Chances are good you'll find other relevant sources nearby!

If you need help, ask a librarian or staff member at the main desk on the library's first floor.