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FREN 102: Beginning French II: Find Sources

Government Websites

Better Googling

You can focus your Google searches by designating a specific website or domain as part of your search. In addition to your search keywords, add the "site:" and then the name of a specific cite or domain. For instance:

[travel Senegal] would limit your results to articles found on the New York Times website.

[culture family life morocco] would limit your results to sources on academic websites about Moroccan culture and family life.

[train schedules bruges] would find train schedules from Bruges, but only on websites from Belgium.

(For a list of Internet Country Codes, visit this website.)


The following newspaper and magazine websites are good places to look for travel articles using the Google search tip mentioned above:

  • New York Times:
  • Travel & Leisure:
  • National Geographic:
  • Conde Nast Traveler:



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