Library Accessibility

The Van Wagenen Library at SUNY Cobleskill supports an environment that is accessible to all by addressing, and when possible, facilitating the accessibility of electronic resources, print and physical library resources, physical spaces within the Library, and the web pages and virtual platforms used by members of the College community to access and use library services and resources. Library accessibility guidelines and policies will reflect those of the College and the wider community. These guidelines will also adhere to the College principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion since disability awareness and accessibility are important components of these.


Physical Spaces
The Van Wagenen Library occupies 2 of 3 floors in the building. There are automatic entrance doors, elevator access to all floors, ADA compliant restrooms, and lowered water fountains on all floors.

A self-serve scanning machine (scannex) is located on the main floor at no cost to students or the public, and resulting scans can be emailed or saved to a personal flash drive. 

A quiet study area is located on the 2nd floor—ask for directions to the location at the circulation/reference desk. Three study rooms are available on the second floor. They may be checked out at the circulation desk. Quiet electronic devices are allowed. Accommodative seating is spread out across the building.

The classroom (213) located on the 2nd floor, doubles as our quirt study area between classes. Workstations with optical drives are available in this room. Headphones can be checked out at the circulation desk.

The library book stacks are spaced properly to accommodate wheelchair access in width, but most are not accommodating in height. Staff are available to assist patrons with locating items and retrieval from tall shelves.

Headphone ports are available at all computer workstations.

Web and Online Resources

Library web pages primarily fall inside the main college web and adhere to college web guidelines that meet accessibility standards, are tested and remediated on the same schedules, and use the same content systems and programming.

Some instructional and resource web pages utilize external vendor interfaces, and are regularly reviewed for accessibility and remediated if possible. Examples include Springshare Libguides, Alma and Primo , EBSCO, Proquest, and others.

As part of SUNY, Cobleskill has access to shared library services, and shared tools for providing accessible copies of items on request.  

Services and Instruction

Library reference services are conducted in person, via accessible web chat and email, and by appointment.

Library instruction takes place in live classrooms with accommodations upon request, or within online classes on Moodle and Zoom, both platforms featuring accommodations.

Interlibrary Loan offers accessible PDF article copies. Audio, large-print, or Braille versions of books may be available through Interlibrary Loan.

Locating, retrieval, printing and scanning assistance is available.

Options for Support in the Van Wagenen Library


  • Members of the College community can request books, DVDs, and other materials in the circulating collection using the library catalog.
  • Materials may be made available for pick up at the circulation desk located on the main floor.
  • Headphones are available for use.
  • Microphones and digital voice recorders are available for loan at the circulation desk in the Library. View Equipment available for loan for a list with images of technology available.
  • Closed captioning for online YouTube tutorials is provided by You Tube settings.
  • The Library’s websites and applications are routinely scanned to verify web accessibility. Accessibility issues are communicated to stakeholders, and mitigated by appropriate methods.
  • When licensing a new resource from a third-party vendor, the Library requests the vendor to supply a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).
  • If a participant requires accommodations for equal participation in Library consultation appointments and/or instruction sessions, the Library will coordinate with the Office of Accessibility Services.

For questions regarding accessibility in the College Library, please contact April Davies at  

Additional Resources


Online Accessibility & EIT Training for Staff

Web Accessibility Guidelines 

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) commitment to lead the web to its full potential includes promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities.
  • WAVE WEB Accessibility Evaluation Tool. WAVE is a suite of evaluation tools that helps authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities. WAVE can identify many accessibility and Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) errors, but also facilitates human evaluation of web content.

Submit an Accessibility complaint and/or Request
The Van Wagenen Library is committed to ensuring that individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities have an opportunity equal to that of their nondisabled peers to participate in the library's services, including those delivered through electronic and information technology. 

Please use this form to report disability-related access issues you have encountered on the library's website or with any electronic resource or database..