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ANSC 399: Animal Breeding and Genetics: Elicit (AI)

What is Elicit?

Elicit: The AI Research Assistant is an AI tool for research that is especially useful for literature reviews. While it has been trained on scholarly literature and can be a powerful part of a successful research project, It can not replace the role of you (the researcher) and your critical thinking skills becuase it will make errors in AI generated outputs.


  • You search Elicit using natural language, and you can extract summaries, methodology, research location, or other elements from the papers.
  • You can also select from your results and chat with papers to refine your search.
  • Like any AI tool, it may hallucinate (or give incorrect information).
  • It contains has a smaller overall number of scholarly paper abstracts than the library search engine or Google Scholar.
  • When you sign up for a free account, you will have a set number of credits to use. Eventually they will want you to pay for access.

More information about Elicit

Information for Searching with Elicit

Add columns to pull information from papers.



Select papers and ask questions or "chat" with them.

Screenshot of Chat with Papers feature.


Elicit will indicate if there is low confidence in information, but always verify the accuracy of auto-generated content.

Screensot of Low confidence exclamation notice on selected resources.