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HIST 103: World Civilization I: Home


This Library Guide was originally created in Fall 2016 for Professor Wilson's World Civilization I (HIST 103) course and last updated in Spring 2020. The information provided here and on the accompanying links is intended to assist students find the sources required to complete the HIST 103 Library Assignments.

Selected Encyclopedias

Van Wagenen Library: Selected Encyclopedias

The notation "REF" indicates that the work so marked is to be found in the Reference Area on the Main Level of Van Wagenen Library. If you cannot find something, please ask a librarian for help.

Section A: General Encyclopedias & Biographical Sources

Start with the following sources for basic background:

REF AE5.N49 2003: The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

REF D358.W74 1988: World History

REF D21.E577 2000: Encyclopedia of World History

Electronic Resource: Britannica Academic

Electronic Resource: Encyclopedia of World Cultures


Section B: More specialized encylopedias & reference works:

1. Places: Sources Focusing on Countries, Continents, Areas of the World

DT58 .P653 1962 Dictionary of Egyptian Civilization

REF DS44 .C37 1988: Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa

REF DS705 .C35 1991: Cambridge Encyclopedia of China

REF DT14 .A37435 1999: Africana

REF DT352 .4 .D5213: Dictionary of Black African Civilization

REF DT352 .6 .L56 1978B: Dictionary of African Historical Biography

REF E58 .W64 1988: Indians of North and South America

REF F1406 .E53 1996: Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture


Electronic Resources:

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Encyclopedia Iranica

Encyclopedia of World Cultures


2. Ideas: Religion, Philosophy, Theory and Ideology

B41 .E5 v.1-8: The Encyclopedia of Philosophy

BL31 .E46 1987 v.1-16: The Encyclopedia of Religion

BL310 .G853: Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology

PN37 .B29 1972: Mythologies

REF BL80.2 .E495 1988: Encyclopedia of World Faiths

REF DE5 .O9: Oxford Classical Dictionary (Greece & Rome)

D25.A2 K63 1986: Dictionary of Wars


Electronic Resources:

New Catholic Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Islam

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


3. Historical Periods: General and Specific Histories

REF CB311 .E54 2002 v.1-3: Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

CB353 .G7 1980b: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Medieval Civilization

D25.A2 K63 1986: Dictionary of Wars

REF DS118 .E465 1986b: Encyclopedia of Jewish History


4. Art And Literature: Including Fine Arts, Music, Architecture, and Theater

REF ML100.S37 1983 v.1-2: New Oxford Companion to Music

REF N33 .M37 1986: Dictionary of Art

N33 .M23 v.1-5: McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art

N5300 .P773: Praeger Encyclopedia of Art

REF N31 .E533 v.1-17: Encyclopedia of World Art (and architecture)

PA31 .H69 1989: Oxford Companion to Classical Literature

PN1625 .M3 v.1-4: McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama

REF PN2035 .O9 1983: Oxford Companion to the Theatre

REF PN41 .B4 1987: Benét's Reader's Encyclopedia

REF PQ41 .H3: Oxford Companion to French Literature



Reference Books

Van Wagenen Reference Shelves

Encyclopedia Britannica