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This Library Guide was created in Spring 2018 (and revised in Spring 2022) for students enrolled in Dr. Grant's Approaches to Textual Analysis (ENGL 302) course. Explore the tabs above to learn more about finding and citing the types of research materials you'll need to use in your final paper.

school of athens

Raphel. The School of Athens. c. 1509, Fresco, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City. Wikimedia,

ENGL 302 Final Paper

The final paper for the ENGL 302 course is an 3000-3500- word argumentative essay on one of the literary texts studied in class during the semester. The text should be the primary focus of your paper, but you should also rely on a minimum of five secondary academic sources. Additional details and requirements of the assignment can be found in the instructions provided on Moodle and copied below for your convenience.