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PSCI 221: Soil & Water Conservation: Home


This Library Guide was updated in 2024 for students in Professor Greenwood's PSCI 221 course. The tabs on this guide provide information and links to resources intended to help with the major research assignment on a soil or water conservation topic.

Hands holding healthy soil

Assignment Requirements

  • a minimum of 6 references, at least 3 of which must be from peer-reviewed literature (also known as scientific/scholarly/academic journals). The other references should be from credible sources such as scholarly books, government agencies, or university extension sources.
  • an annotated bibliography
  • a paper approximately 3-5 pages in length (12 point font, double spaced)
  • in-text citations and a reference list following the Northeastern Naturalist style guide
  • a ten-minute presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint

Peer Reviewed or Not?

Screenshot of library record with title "Take action to stop Amazon burning"