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PSCI 221: Soil & Water Conservation: Paraphrase

About Paraphrase

Paraphrase is the process of putting information from your sources into your own words. It is an important skill in science writing. Any information you take from a source will include an in-text citation.

Practice Paraphrase for Lab HW

Practice Paraphrase - Paraphrase the following quotation and create your in-text citation.

One of the most significant and widespread interventions by governments thus far has been the prohibition and discouragement (via economic penalty) of two types of plastic product: microbeads and carrier bags.  Plastic bag bans or taxes are more common, and seem to reduce the amount of plastic entering the waste stream.

Literature Cited 

Mendenhall, E. 2018. Oceans of plastic: A research agenda to propel policy development. Marine policy 96:291–298. 

Help with Paraphrasing

These two excellent tutorials from other universities allow you to test your understanding of how to properly paraphrase sources.