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Equipment Available for Loan: Laptop & Computer Accessories

What kind of equipment can you check out? What does it come with? How long can you keep it?

Borrowing Policies

Students have priority for library laptops.

Faculty may check out library laptops when available. The library kindly asks faculty who loan library laptops to return them promptly so that Cobleskill students can have access to our laptops.

Loan period:

  • 7 days, one renewal.

Items Available for Loan

faculty laptop kit

Library laptops include:

  • Laptop
  • Bag
  • Charging cable

Wireless Mouse

Contents of box:

  • User manual
  • USB nano receiver
  • One wireless mouse

An external optical drive that supports DVD and CD media playback.


  • One Asus Zen optical drive
  • One USB cord that is plug and play compatible for both MAC and PC.


  • Connects a USB 3.0 device (computer/tablet) to a router, modem, or network switch to deliver Gigabit Ethernet to your network connection

  • Supported features include Wake-on-LAN function, Green Ethernet & IEEE 802.3az-2010 (Energy Efficient Ethernet)

  • Supports IPv4/IPv6 pack Checksum Offload Engine (COE) to reduce Cental Processing Unit (CPU) loading

  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7, MacOS and Chrome OS with latest system updates; does not support Windows RT or Android.

  • Ethernet cable for hard-wired internet connection.


  • Raspberry Pi 3, Model B.


  • WACOM Pen.
  • A digital stylus that assists graphic artists.


The Van Wagenen Library is acquiring new laptops to replace our current inventory. Our latest laptops do not have an optical drive to play DVDs. The library does loan out portable optical drives so patrons may be able to view DVDs on our laptops.