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Equipment Available for Loan: Headphones

What kind of equipment can you check out? What does it come with? How long can you keep it?

Borrowing Policies

Headphones are available for use in the library.

Headsets for dictation software are also available.

Loan period:

  • 3 hours, ask about renewals

Overdue Fines Per Item:

  • $5 per hour, up to $50



Headphones come with:

  • Headphones, 1/8" plug


Headsets come with:

  • Headphone/microphone combination, 1/8" audio-in and audio-out plugs

Headphone adapters

Headphone adapters come with:

  • Adapter
  • Pouch
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Headsets must be plugged into both the headphone and microphone jacks on a computer for both components to work.

Headphone adapters convert a 1/8" plug to a 1/4" plug for use with the older record player in the media room.  The jacks are mono, so you will only get sound on one side of the headphones.