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Equipment Available for Loan: Cell Phone Chargers, Cords, & Cables

What kind of equipment can you check out? What does it come with? How long can you keep it?

Borrowing Policies

Cell phone chargers, cords and cables are available on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Loan period:

  • 3 hrs for cell phone chargers
  • 7 days, one renewal cords and cables

Items Available for Loan



Micro USB C Cable - Android Cell Phones


Lightning Charger - iPhone charger

USB cable

USB cables come with:

  • Mini USB cable

  • Ethernet cable for hard-wired internet connection.

extension cords

Extension cords come with:

  • Extension cord


Extension cords are grounded (3-prong) only; 2-prong outlets will require an adaptor (which the library does not have).

Mini-USB cables are the kind frequently used by cameras and camcorders to connect the device to a computer.

Micro-USB cables are frequently used by non-Apple phones and tablet peripherals to attach to a computer or for charging.